DailyBurn is a comprehensive online fitness service that caters to the independently motivated with workout routines and diet plans. You get customized workout plans, exercise schedules and regular reminders from the application, as well as informative blogs on topics like staying hydrated, the effects of exercise on your brain and preventing muscle cramps.

After a brief quiz to set goals with this online personal trainer, you'll select the type of diet you prefer. DailyBurn can suggest healthy meal plans for diabetics and vegetarians, and there are options if you need gluten-free, low-fat or high-protein diets. DailyBurn then recommends calorie consumption and sets a workout routine.

This online personal training service offers instructions for a host of different exercises: free weights, machine exercises, aerobics, running, mat exercises and even yoga for pregnant women. You get instructions for doing each exercise on the online fitness trainer, as well as a listing of how many repetitions you should do per workout. Videos on the site demonstrate how to do each exercise correctly.

DailyBurn gives you a calendar that schedules your online workout programs, plus automatic reminders and an exercise log to document what you have done. It will tell you how many calories you have burned, how many pounds you have lifted and how many miles you have traveled. DailyBurn's nutrition section, which offers a food log, suggests nutrition goals, offers daily calorie breakdowns and reminds you to drink eight glasses of water each day.

On DailyBurn discussion boards, you and people doing the same type of plan can post comments or share concerns.

You can reach your DailyBurn Tracker through your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Windows smartphone, as well as your television or Xbox. The Meal Snap app lets you photograph and describe your meal, and the system works out a nutritional break down. You can also download a FoodScanner app for the iPhone to scan barcodes and get nutritional information for various foods.

With an upgraded membership, you can interact with a certified online personal trainer by email to get answers to questions or get specific services, including help to create a meal plan or to analyze your workout log. DailyBurn's website posts brief bios and information about its certified trainers.

DailyBurn Summary:

DailyBurn offers a host of useful features that will help you lose weight and improve your fitness levels. The automatic functions are extensive, but the service lacks regular one-on-one time with a personal trainer, which leaves more responsibility to you to stay motivated.



Daily Burn offers lots of ways to use its online diet and exercise service at home or on the go with mobile apps.

You’ll have to purchase an upgrade to get full access to personal trainers for questions.

The Verdict:

If you're self-motivated to improve your diet and exercise and just need some instruction, tracking tools and motivation, Daily Burn is a good choice.